Talk is our silver -
understanding is your gold.

Interpreting to ease your listening

When the other people don't speak your language, leave it to us. Depending on your wishes and requirements, we use different interpreting methods:

It goes without saying that whatever you say will be translated correctly. But Clever Voices are the only interpreters that offer an "easy listening" service to our audience: our interpreters translate not only what is said but also how it is said - in other words, using the appropriate nuances in tone of voice while avoiding any annoying hums and hahs (unless they are the speaker's!). So listeners not only hear the information being conveyed, they can also pick up on the speaker's energy. This enables them to participate more actively in the communicative process.

Take advantage of the fine art of interpreting as we practice it. Combine your passion for the topic at hand with our enthusiasm and expertise to generate an atmosphere of attentiveness and mutual understanding.





Voice Samples