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We also offer intelligent solutions where conference equipment for your event is concerned. And we won't bore you with technical jargon that you need to have translated before you know what we're talking about! Instead, we take a clear, straightforward approach: you tell us what you're planning - then we'll tell you what you'll need.

Interpreting booths, speaker consoles, receivers, headsets, tour guide systems, wireless microphones, PA systems and whatever else you may need are available at an affordable rate from our equipment provider partners.

We optimise our interpreter teams to cover all required languages. This may involve relay - or pivot - interpreting, where a language that is being interpreted simultaneously is retranslated immediately into one or more additional languages.

The head of the interpreting team is available at all times to respond to your concerns and to and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

To help ensure the complete success of your international event, we also make every effort to support your preparations.

After learning as many details as possible about your event, we determine which type - or combination - of interpretation is called for (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered or liaison). We advise you free of charge on the conference equipment options and work with you to decide how many interpreting booths, speaker consoles and voice channels will be required - or whether a tour guide system, for example, would be a better choice. We're also happy to put you in touch with a competent equipment rental company near the venue, because we work better when our software is supported by appropriate hardware, i.e. truly reliable conference equipment.

We're also happy to assemble multilingual interpreting teams for you. The interpreters who work for Clever Voices are available for assignments right across Germany and throughout the world. To save you the extra expense incurred through travel and accommodation costs, we always endeavour to use interpreters who are based near your event.


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