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Good interpreters, translators and narrators/voiceover actors naturally need to have their skills down pat. But it takes a lot more than that to join the team of Clever Voices. Why? Because we enable genuine communication to take place - as if everyone involved were actually speaking the same language. Our specialists competently represent you to your foreign guests - in just the way you want. Your wish is our command.

Among other things, we make sure we use the terminology specific to your organisation or field by thoroughly familiarising ourselves with the subject matter beforehand and compiling client-specific glossaries. We are firmly committed to a high professional standard of work - and, naturally, we also observe complete discretion at all times and in all situations.

Let me introduce myself:
After majoring in Applied Linguistics and Cultural Science at the Germersheim campus of the University of Mainz in Germany and completing a degree in interpreting there, I attended the London College of Medical English for Translators and Interpreters to obtain the additional qualification of Medical Linguist. I have now been working internationally for over 15 years as a self-employed interpreter for English, French and German. About 12 year ago I launched my own agency. This enables me to organise multilingual interpreter teams and offer translation services into and out of a host of tongues. Today my various Clever Voices will speak and write for you in no fewer than 62 languages!


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