In other words:
a perfect translation!

Translations to earn your trust

Nothing is worse than an inappropriate - or one that is simply wrong. Of course, when you use the services of a translator it's usually because you don't know the other language yourself. This makes it hard to judge whether the job has been well done. And because this is so, our highest priority is to ensure our translations are first-rate - quality is the number one priority for us, since we know we need to earn your confidence and trust.

You can count on us to stick diligently to the following procedures:

  • All translations are done by university-trained native speakers.
  • Translation assignments are meticulously researched, and the terminology specific to your organisation or field is compiled and stored in a glossary.
  • All translations faithfully convey the content of the original documents, and you receive them by the promised deadline.

And because two pairs of eyes are better than one, no text leaves our offices before a second translator (also a native speaker) has proofread and vetted it.

While working on each translation, we save the terminology in a client-specific database. This ensures stylistic and terminological consistency in any translations we do for you at a later date.

If you need first-rate translations, entrust your conference documents, presentations, technical texts, websites and publications to us.


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